Sherry Salman is a psychoanalyst and teacher, and is an internationally recognized author and speaker. Her area of expertise is symbolism and the creative imagination in postmodern culture and psychological life.

Sherry Salman, author of Dreams of Totality

Sherry Salman, image by China Jorrin

Salman was a founding member and the first president of the Jungian Psychoanalytic Association, a nonprofit educational community that fosters the training of psychoanalysts and promotes the creative understanding and applications of psychology in professional, cultural, and scientific communities. She now serves on the faculty there and has contributed to the education of many Jungian analysts and psychotherapists. She has also served as an associate editor for three professional journals and is a consultant for the Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism in NYC.

She received her B.A. from Vassar College and a Ph.D. in neuropsychology from the City University of New York, then did research in psychosomatic medicine, and completed training as a Jungian analyst in 1985. Her work has appeared in numerous journals and in the popular press. Currently, she is based in the Hudson Valley of New York, where she lives with her family.

About her work in Dreams of Totality –
This book is for those of us who struggle to find a footing in the twenty-first century. The ground has transformed into a wobbly web, and to be in Sherry Salman’s bright, wise company is a relief and a refreshment. I emerged from this reading experience less lonely and more awake. The center does not hold? Read this book immediately. It helps.
—–Marie Howe, New York State Poet Laureate, author of What the Living Do

In a compelling, energetically erudite, witty and light-hearted manner, Sherry Salman shows us where and how to look for meaning and purpose when our dreams of wholeness fall apart in the face of today’s complexity and confusion.
—–Polly Young-Eisendrath, Ph.D., editor, The Cambridge Companion to Jung, author, The Self-Esteem Trap

With this lyrical post-postmodern text we are enticed into the improvisational flow of analytical psychologizing. The age-old fantasy and longing for totality is turned inside out as the reader is challenged to open up to a new understanding of the sublime.
—–Joe Cambray, Ph.D., President, International Association for Analytical Psychology, author of Synchronicity: Nature and Psyche in an Interconnected Universe

With unerring poise, the integrity of Sherry Salman’s prose reflects long experience with the ‘poison and panacea’ that intimations of totality can be. As a clinician, she fully empathizes with the need for security that can drive us to latch onto simplified models of wholeness at times of uncertainty and change. Recognizing however, a deeper responsibility to the future of humanity, in which our present knowledge will only be a part, Salman eases Jungian psychology into the twenty-first century, reminding us that only an evolving consciousness structured by an imagination that is free to release as well as contain, can ever lay claim to being complete.
—–John Beebe, author of Integrity in Depth