Dreams of Totality

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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Review in Quadrant, XLIV, 2015

“In this thoroughly ‘of the moment’ book, Sherry Salman takes us on a journey starting on a train platform in Penn Station in Manhattan carried on the wings of her dream, to multifarious cultures, times, technologies and ideologies. She seeks to make a case that the “story before the story” lies in human imagination. If […]

“Nightmares of Totality” Book review in Jung Journal: Culture & Psyche

“Through exceptional imagery and strong writing, Salman offers the idea that “Our [human] imagination’s propensity to create totalities has a particularly mutable character: it disappears from view as we live within its bounds . . . ” (61). Indeed, within the global context of contemporary technologies, as detailed in (her book), where is any center?” […]