Review in Quadrant, XLIV, 2015

By: Sherry Salman August 7th, 2016

In this thoroughly of the moment book, Salman sees the approaching reckoning with our slouching monster headed toward its postmodern Bethlehem as a confrontation with imagination itself, rather than with the parade of ideas, religions, or cultural and political systems that history has presented through the veil of Maya.
“Nightmares of Totality” Book review in Jung Journal: Culture & Psyche

By: Sherry Salman

The book shines…the strong emphasis on imagination and imagery is one of the powerhouses of her argument which is to come to terms with imagination and its dreams of totality. Her final chapter is an excellent set of steps for delving into the potential sense of living in a meaningless, or uncentered world… Salman provides an exceptional journey detailing how we seek to explain such a world by drawing on history, philosophy, psychology, and art.